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How to Stay on Budget When Planning a Lavish Birthday Party in New York City

It's all too easy to go overboard when planning your birthday bash in The City That Never Sleeps. You could start with dinner at an upscale restaurant, hit up an exclusive club or rooftop for drinks and dancing, and finish out the evening with a nightcap at your favorite swanky lounge, dropping bills the whole way. But rather than waking up a year older and a lot poorer the next day, you might want to put together a budget and a plan that allow you to have a fantastic party you can actually afford. Here are just a few strategies to keep your spending in check when planning your lavish birthday party in NYC


1. Start with a Realistic Budget

Don't think you're going to get red carpet treatment when your budget barely allows for bottle service. If your birthday party ideas involve some measure of swank and swagger, you need to back them up with a legit bankroll. So look into what rentals and caterers cost before you put together your budget for the event.


2. Create a Comprehensive Party Plan

It's not enough to have vague notions of what you want for your party in terms of location, decor, food and beverages, and entertainment. Having your specifics down pat when you start making reservations and hiring vendors will help you nail down prices and stick to them.


3.Comparison Shop

If you have your heart set on a specific locale for your birthday extravaganza, you'll simply have to work the price into your budget, possibly cutting costs elsewhere to balance it out. But if you're not particular about the venue, it's in your best interest to shop around for a place that will suit your needs at a price you can afford. The same goes for hiring vendors to make your New York birthday bash into a fun, festive, and posh reality.


4. Book Early

Popular venues can book up early, as can in-demand caterers, entertainers, and other needed vendors. So get your plans in order and make reservations as early as possible to avoid missing out on preferred venues and vendors, or worse, having to pay jacked-up prices because you're desperately throwing together your shindig at the last minute.


5. Hire a Pro

You shouldn't quibble about the cost of hiring a professional party planner or promoter. A qualified pro can not only take all the hassle and stress of planning off your plate, but he or she can also use industry contacts to nab you exclusive bookings and even leverage inside relationships to get you discounted prices in some instances, potentially covering the planning fee and then some.